About US

    • AREMA founded by Dr Zina Kobbi, Pharm, D and P.h.D (biologicals) offers you experience   since 2003 in Pharma industry and regulatory affairs covering over 40 countries (North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa , middle east and Europe).
    • AREMA is specialised in Regulatory Affairs, for Pharmaceutical, medical devices and Health Care industries and offers also other services, marketing and commercial opportunities in many countries.
    • Assists you in your development efforts in many countries through multiple services such as:
    • Strategic and regulatory studies, Regulatory intelligence, audit of CTD files, preparing your technical and regulatory dossiers (CTD modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), labeling preparation (English, French, Arabic), registration of your products, market studies , customized training and more
    •  Offering commercial and marketing opportunities, possibility of legal representation, partnership in many countries.....